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Please, keep your flames under control,
the fire in the heart sends smoke into the head.

The flames you ignite for your enemy burn yourself more than them.

Be aware that fire is never a gentle master!  

God wants us to enter the life eternal because He loves us. God does not want us to die in the fires of deception, lies, and self-inflicted misery.
In this world, there will be trouble on the way or another.
The good news is that Jesus already overcame the world.
The good news of a Gospel was like a fire, everything that has changed dramatically. The burning flames are a contradiction, conflict, and destruction.
The fire's disaster uses the masses of earth always to pray and encourage each other. We are rich and poor mentally and financially at the same time. It has a particularly crucial concerning the value of our money. We are for the advancement of science, medicine, agriculture, media, etc. Are you afraid of intellectual poverty? Fear of our lives. We know that there is an emptiness that can be filled only by God.
That they take up the fill of it, this makes love, care, learn and grow. Our lives belong to movements' spiritual aspect vigor and perseverance to deprive us of someone else.
This plan of love and follow Jesus, conflict, and division. The sword is broken and spoke to the effects of the love of Christ. On the right of a state government is opposed to the protection of injustice. We are speaking lies in protecting the truth. All things being a Christian, it is vital to carry the cross and to love. He had taken the cross and carried the cross. In the sight of the Lord, we have extended all, regardless of social status, income, etc.
In the same way, let us love all those who loved us. If we can't love our neighbor, we cannot love God too.
Carefree existence is impossible. Anyone who is not with Jesus is against Him. The choices you make have consequences. If he should be the risk of alienating friends, and if they do not, they will always face eternity. And the choices, by his friends and family, should not be, either to flee from God. Today, churches, once open to all who pass by, are closed now because of looting.
Students also need God's spiritual fire; otherwise, they would have died. They need the word of God to fire up their hearts to prevent freezing, and their souls do not become cold. We are the same. We have moments when our faith gets cold. Outside of nature, God's word is necessary. We all need the fire from the word of God; otherwise, we get cold.
Jesus knew His path to the cross. Before that, He had to work to bring the message of God's Kingdom to the people and God's love. In other words, it spoke of a fiery curse, judgment, and spirit. God's judgment was upon the world. It also shared families, associations, and nations. What he has done is still happening today.
Today's families share the demands of Jesus, and faith can do today. When it comes to proclaiming the Kingdom, there is separation because He needs a decision and commitment. Hostility has received a message of justice and healing. The fire that Jesus kindles begins at home, as our wives and children are free to perform their functions and exceed our expectations. God's way is not easy. Jesus and the direction of the world cannot coexist. It's one or the other.
Jesus' baptism was subordinate to His crucifixion and death.
This baptism was a baptism of fire - the baptism that leads to resurrection, life, and peace.
If we think of Christ as an example, we understand that we must be appropriate. We desperately need forgiveness and moral strength. In the Middle Ages, the image of Christ was more valuable than it is today. Because of the sinful nature of the world today, we should better appreciate the image of Christ. We removed the decisive influence of Christ that there is no tension or mental struggle. Today we need the fire of the Spirit of Christ. What we love with words and hidden is God's transformative power that we finally made sense to those who are different from us.
Can we consider ourselves a great cloud of witnesses who are willing to accept the race that we presented to Jesus, who is the forerunner and perfection of our faith? God calling the Church to seek anger will make him realize that he is still alive. Christ often dies in this cold world. We usually don't know much about ourselves. This moment cannot be understood, even though Christ is before us. Some think that the problems of the secular world or dirty political activities should not hide the lives of the saints we live as Christians in the church community. Jesus' teachings and actions are challenged and continue to be so. Jesus declares war on the injustice of the world. The call to follow Christ is a call to alleviate the causes of discomfort and, if possible, eliminate them. It is contrary to what people say is essential.

Jesus came to create a new, better life than his predecessor. It naturally leads to conflicts in the world, and even those we love, but it is better to be more honest with yourself than with anyone else. We can market ourselves to the truth, justice, and strength. Symbolically, we connected with Jesus and the Church. That means we belong first to Jesus and then to the world. It means that we first belong to the church family and then to the human family. Jesus does not want to question this radical commitment, a commitment that seems extreme to the world. It creates conflicts, difficulties, and struggles that strengthen us on our journey with Jesus and our mission in the world. God helps us to overcome the conflicts caused by our new life. The Holy Spirit had to burn dirty and dead branches in our lives and prevent our spiritual growth. It also strengthens our covenant with Jesus, which is a sign that the Church is alive and well and that the family adapts to God's love and peace. As Christians, we can meet strangers in our country. It seems we have a passport somewhere else.
What are the steps to follow Christ while maintaining integrity with the teachings of Christ? First, we can use the lesson as a guide for our faith. Do they create problems for our families, friends, or beliefs in our business? We are sad and sad when we walk with God. The conditions are severe, and the enemy bothers us. Secondly, we can consider these lessons as indirect changes, especially when our beliefs worry about some people. Finally, we can see this training for the purpose.
Spreading the word of God does not harm us. Of course, we feel the pain of war, but we cannot build a church without spreading the Gospel. If our faith is important to us, we must make it essential to others. If not, then this is a new product just for you! We cannot hide because God will find us now or at some point.
If we don't follow God's teachings and spread the good news and save the Kingdom, God catches us!
When we are tired of following Christ's teachings, we must follow Paul's counsel in Hebrews 12: 2: "Keep it and keep running," follow the reward, that is, eternal life. Endurance does not mean a repeat of the accident and premature departure from the race. Instead, it means doing what is morally and ethically necessary for victory. God wants us to live a fuller, more abundant, and deeper life because he loves us.
On the other hand, we must do the work of Christ in our generation. In His name and strength, we must meet the world of the enemy. We need to know not only if but also when it will soon change.
The hardest thing to understand for the majority is the idea of ​​Pentecost. Many people do not understand the meaning and significance of Pentecost. Even in the information age, there is a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and misunderstanding in Pentecost.
Historically, the roots of Pentecost are in the town of Shavuot. What we call Shavuot or Pentecost was the annual Jewish holiday that occurs about 50 days after Easter. The feast of Pentecost came at the beginning of the wheat harvest and came when the people came and brought their first fruits to the Lord with Thanksgiving. They will go before they do any harm and will be sure to honor God.
Fifty days a Jewish student spent more than a hundred holidays. There was a time when God's people celebrated the Torah gift on Mount Sinai, also known as the Torah Gift Festival.
You can find all the Pentecostal ceremonies and principles only after reading about the Levites. Rabbi scholars quickly learn that the gift of the Torah is being celebrated, not the reception of the Torah. Because the Torah is a gift from YHWH, it was the gift of God that saved the Jews from slavery to idolatry and immorality.
We celebrate the day when God's people experience purity, salvation, and sanctification. As we read Acts 2, they were fascinated by supernatural languages ​​depicting wind and fire. We were fascinated by the divine sermon of Pentecost. We celebrated the day he preached Christ, the hearts of men and women turned, and more than 3,000 young disciples entered the Kingdom of God!
Let's take a picture of Pentecost and spend time with it, especially the image of fire.
The image/transmission of the fire has always been a powerful image of humanity. The flames of fire are something attractive and appealing. We want to feel its warmth, watch its brightness, and awaken its power.
The Jews borrow from creation, the presence of light, and the mighty presence of Jehovah God, the transmission of fire, God speaks to Moses through the burning bush. — Ecclesiastes 28: 1.
We read in the New Testament, where John the Baptist said that Jesus would come and baptize with fire (Matthew 3). Paul refers to the second coming, using the metaphor of fire (2 Thess. 1) and John, the book of Revelation. He says that Jesus has eyes like fire (Revelation 1: 2).
All of these examples are positive pictures. But the Bible uses fire to spread fire because hell is a place where the flames are always burning. Hell is a lake of fire (April 21). Jesus describes himself as a baker (Matthew 13:50).
Therefore, fire is a positive or negative deflection.
This text, we find that fire is used most advantageously - in the flames of the Holy Spirit.
But we also know that Jesus warns us against the fire and judgment of hell.
What makes all this important? The only one of these fires is our future, whether we go to the flames of the Holy Spirit or Hell. All of us will be cleansed and installed in the morning by the constant fire of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, we will be immersed forever in a lake of fire called hell.
While the latter may not like us but is politically incorrect in the twentieth century, it does not change the truth. There were two fires. There is also the fire of the Holy Spirit and hell.
So, let's look at the two fires and find out what's in each.
The first thing we see from both fires is that which shows failure, and the second one, which shows perfection.
Hell must show failure - God's acceptable and acceptable grace. The Holy Spirit was to show perfect life, one in which one could be with God and the other disciples.
The Bible makes it clear that hell was not for people. Satan and his angels had come to hell. Angels of hell who rebelled against God and decided to leave the Kingdom of heaven. Later it included people who do not want to do anything for God or holiness.
Hell was never home to an eternal man. John 3:16 reveals that God did everything He could to turn people from hell. God sent His Son Jesus unilaterally so that we could all escape hell and rejoice in the fire of the Holy Spirit.
The modern truth is this: People choose to go to heaven or hell. They went there by mistake. They went there because when they received the gift of salvation condemning the Holy Spirit, they rejected the offer of the Lord. They rejected Jesus as Lord and Savior. They rejected salvation, purity, and holiness.
We should not experience the flames of hell - the flames of failure. Instead of continually relying on the Holy Spirit, we can rejoice in the perfect fire.
We can enjoy the fire that brings complexity, purity, and perfection.
It puts an end to all our sins and sins.
The flames of fire cleanse us and bless us ultimately.
Secondly, both fires are about the "loan" - the selfish "loan" or the "home loan."
The fire of hell is about the selfish "Me," and the flames of the Holy Spirit makes us focus on the Lord's visit, "where he lives."
The selfishness goes hand in hand with wealth. Life is all-inclusive when the rich man meets someone. The primary purpose of his life and philosophy seems to be to understand the words "Myself," "Myself," and "my king."
He lives an arrogant life just for himself - he needs no gods because he is his one.
It's selfish and arrogant. Those who believe in it are there to serve and fulfill destructive desires. The star of any new fast food advertisement can be guided by the philosophy "You have your way," or "You deserve to relax today."
When we go through the lights of the Holy Spirit, we see the opposite. Instead of a life dedicated to identity, we know a life devoted to community and friendship. The Holy Spirit had to please his internal division to belong to the group. The fire of the Holy Spirit creates a group of believers around the main objective: to live in a blessed life.
It is the beauty of the image of the languages ​​stored in our clips. Although we do not have time to examine this image in detail, we can quickly see that the Holy Spirit has descended. One of the contracts is one of the biggest and most difficult obstacles in the world. Both had a "communication problem."
But we are all in the fire of the Holy Spirit.
There was no other way.
Instead, it brought together hearts, thoughts, and spirits. The language was no longer an obstacle, but a magnet that used the fire of the Holy Spirit to achieve unity and harmony.
A place that enjoys the fire of the Holy Spirit is in constant communication with God and with others. The Holy Spirit must reconcile us to God, our Creator, and our Savior. The fire of the Holy Spirit is one of the pillars of the community of love and life.
Some time ago, a group of children went camping. Some of our parents had no time or experience for the field trip, so they organized a trip and left us. They wanted to enjoy their taste outdoors. Instead, they wanted to learn more about outdoor activities.
One of the best moments before the fire was listening and sharing stories.
When the flames are getting bigger, we sit for hours and talk about God and life. Something unique happened around this fire.
We share our lives and communicate with each other; we are connected and have deep friendships and love.
The same applies to the fire of the Holy Spirit. We see that God does not have a "concentration" that is self-centered. According to John 14-17, Jesus often teaches and needs constant communication between God, a person, a person, a person, and an individual.
Jesus came to do more than save our souls. Jesus came to give us contact. And he shows us every time we read with him and his students. It shows us how we see people who leave all social strata and form a community of love and society. It does this by spreading the fire of the Holy Spirit, which can burn the spirit of identity and replace it with compassion and kindness.
The choice is obvious: we can live alone and eventually die in hell forever. Or we can let the Holy Spirit communicate with us and lead a beautiful life in Paradise. We can live forever in harmony with God, others, and his creation.
Third. Third, we see that one fire focuses primarily on memory (hellfire), while the other flames focus on renewal and renewal (flame of the Holy Spirit).
Although the rich lost all their wealth and salvation, they did not lose their memory. Remember how much joy living in the world brought you. Remember your family and even your prayer. However, the only memories were that he could no longer communicate with his family and that prayers were no longer an alternative. I only had memories.
All this leads to a somewhat shocking point to keep in mind. According to the same image of Jesus, one of the groups most interested in leading others to salvation is suffering in hell. Although some groups do not want to believe in hell, this person may not be convinced. He knew that hell is real because he suffers and suffers. For him, hell was not a theological debate. He was there, and he remembered life on earth, and he didn't want anyone to come to this place.
Praise the Lord that we don't have to live like this, but we can renew and restore the Holy Spirit through fire.
Pentecostal fire does not go out, or at least they should not die. Instead, it helps us, and you become a permanent image of Christ. Every day the Holy Spirit burns foam in our lives. Every day, through His transforming presence, we are called to be more like Jesus. Every day the image of God is renewed in our hearts, minds, and lives.
There is no growth in hell. But the power of the Holy Spirit is ever-growing. Because of where life is, there is growth. Henry von Henry Newman was right when he said: "Growth is the only proof of life."
And while our growth may sometimes seem slow or small, the reality is in the Holy Spirit; we work in Christ. The blessing is always a step forward - it forever applies to Jesus.
Every day we can enjoy a growing and renewed relationship with Jesus and the fruits of the Holy Spirit more in our lives.
We walk only objectively and openly, open and sensitive to the fire of our Holy Spirit.
Two Fires are Forever, each in different dimensions.
One of the sad things about hell is that visitors have no rent or accommodation. Hell is only for eternity. There are no weekends or even motels where we can go to hell if we decide. Hell, only has a one-way ticket.
Hell is a place of constant death, pain, and suffering. It is a place of sadness and eternal passion. Hell is endless, unchanging.
Paradise is also eternal. There are also no holiday cottages or tour packages for permanent residents only.
But unlike hell, Paradise is a place you would never want to leave. Instead of pain, destruction, death, pain, and excitement, a procession is a place of peace, life, harmony, and comfort.
Heaven is the dwelling place of our heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It is a place created from the heart of God with love, warmth, purity, and holiness.
It is is a place you would never want to leave.
Heaven is more significant than you, and I imagine or imagine today. Even those trying to share it (John, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Paul, etc.) could not find the right words to describe it. Paradise beyond our human dignity.
Paradise is known for its beauty and blessings; it is a safe place.
There is no more division, no more sadness, no more sadness, and no more suffering.
Paradise is the home; this is where Jesus said he built for all his disciples. Heaven is real, and while the fire of the Holy Spirit may be our eternal home.
The Bible clearly states that there are two flames:
the fire of the Holy Spirit and the destroying flames of hell.
Hellfire is a fire that reflects egocentrism and selfishness with no joy, no tranquility. It has but pain and suffering of eternal death.
On the other hand, the fire of the Holy Spirit creates perfection.
It brings purity, holiness, and justification and creates the Lord's constant presence in our souls, in our hearts, and our lives.
What kind of fire is heating your soul this morning as we approach prayer? By closing your eyes and letting the Holy Spirit speak to you, what type of flames do you see in your life? Do you like and rejoice in the fire of the Holy Spirit, or do you feel afraid of other flames?
Don't let fire set your life on fire in the morning. Don't let hell burn you. Instead, call Jesus and ask Him to save you and be baptized with the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the Holy Spirit is continually purified, purified, and blessed with your soul, mind, and heart. May the fire of the Holy Spirit send you to a gradual process of holiness.
Don't let hell fires destroy your life. Hell can't kill you. Ask Jesus to save you and baptize you with the Holy Ghost. Then let the flames of the Holy Spirit cleanse and purify your mind and heart. May the Holy Spirit lead you to holiness.

When we ask God for forgiveness, we are redeemed, restored, and renewed in Jesus Christ!

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